For Schools

How does CORE work?
Very simply.  Confidential surveys with students identify how they are feeling about themselves and their school.  This is the first step in a cycle of survey -> feedback -> action -> survey.  This cycle helps schools to work on issues to improve emotional well-being of students and then tests the effectiveness of their actions. 

We share results with the staff, students and parents to stimulate discussion and action to bring about whole-school change.  We collaborate to create and implement a plan, drawing on evidence-based strategies that operate at the classroom, curriculum, and whole-school level.

A school-based action team (comprising students, staff and parents) leads the change process, with the help of a part-time facilitator.

What will we be doing in your school?
As we work together to put CORE into action, the research team and facilitator will be in your school throughout the year. The research team will:

  • meet with staff to provide details and answer questions
  • supply an info sheet and student consent form for parents
  • carry out data collection (surveys and saliva collection in the fall, winter, spring)
  • provide feedback sessions and reports about survey results

The facilitator will:

  • help form a school action team
  • conduct focus groups with students
  • guide and track the change process