Our Team

We are researchers at the Population Health Intervention Research Centre (PHIRC), located in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary.   Our mission is to provide the evidence that policy makers need to put more resources into prevention.  Our school research team has ten years experience in working with schools.
Team Members
Penny Hawe – Principal Investigator
Gavin McCormack – Co Investigator
Alberto Nettel-Aguirre  Co Investigator
Sonia Lupien – Co-Investigator (University of Montreal)
Stephanie Dixon – Co Investigator (University of Western Ontario)
Allan Donner  Co Investigator (University of Western Ontario)
Laureen Lailey – CORE Coordinator
Louise Seguin – CORE Facilitator
Angela Takla Khella  CORE Facilitator
Rosemary Perry – Research Coordinator
Anita Blackstaffe – Data Manager and Analyst
Karolina Kowalewski  Data Analyst 
Tara Smith – Graduate Student and Survey Team Lead
Beilei Wu  Research Assistant
James Greenwood-Lee  Research Assistant
Sandra Sabey – Administrative Assistant
Lindsay Bradshaw – Executive Assistant
We thank the Calgary Catholic School District and the Calgary Board of Education for allowing us to second their staff members into our team on a full or part time basis. We are all the richer for this support.